Simple Pump™ - Easy to Install Yourself - Installs Alongside Your Submersible Pump - Hand Pump Water Directly to All Your Home's Taps and Toilets

If you get your fresh water from a well, you know the drill. A POWER OUTAGE means NO WATER!

The average sized household generator (gas, diesel or propane) will NOT power your submersible pump, leaving you without access to water.

A simple solution insures your family's access to fresh clean water, even from DEEP wells.

With Simple Pump™ there's no longer a concern about getting fresh clean water when the power goes out.

Simple Pump™ will keep the water flowing from all your taps and faucets.

When the power goes out, you can quickly hand pump water directly into your home's pressurized water tank...and into all your sinks and toilets.

Superior design, quality engineering, precision manufacturing. Simple Pump™ sets the standard.

High quality, aerospace grade, lead free stainless steel components that are CNC machined for reliable operation and ease of use.

Simple Pump™ mounts to your well casing and works alongside your existing submersible pump.

Because Simple Pump™ is already installed, when the power goes out you can immediately start pumping water into your home.

A hand operated deep well pump that gives you full use of your home's taps & toilets.

Why Simple Pump™?

There is simply nothing that compares...

Pumps Into Pressure

Use all your home's taps and toilets.

Simply Elegant

The wife's perspective, the only one that counts.
Because you never know when life will toss you a curve ball, with the Simple Pump™ emergency well hand pump you're prepared accordingly.