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Do You Have a Clean Reliable Water Supply No Matter What?

Simple Pump can be hand-operated or motorized with solar capability, all with the same pump!


You can live three weeks without food, but only three days without water. Just 12 hours without water leaves your severely dehydrated and increasingly weak and disoriented. If you have your own well, you need a simple, ultra-reliable pump that doesn’t rely on the electrical grid (or any electricity for that matter) to operate.

Simple Pump is your hand-operated back-up well pump that’s installed alongside your submersible in the same 4” or 6” well. Or it can be your primary pump – hand or motorized, in a small and economical 2” well. The choice is yours.

It’s so easy to use, a child can pump up to 5 gallons per minute. So durable, it has a 50-year plus lifespan. In fact, the pump is so reliable, hundreds of them are running 24/7/365 in industrial applications, moving contaminated water – with very little downtime.

Incredibly you can own the Simple Pump hand-pump now and upgrade later, literally in 30 minutes, to motorized operation, even years in the future. Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining assures you of a consistent and precise fit between any Simple Pump and any Simple Pump motor at any time. The impressively low power draw and high electrical efficiency make the Simple Pump DC motor ideal for running on solar.

The Simple Pump can be installed in a shallow or deep well up to 325’ of static water level (More info). Even a novice homeowner can install this pump in their well alongside their submersible pump in as little as 2 hours. Worried about operational security or just don’t want the pump visible all the time. In a few minutes you can remove the lever arm and linkage, then lower the pump head down into the well so the pump stands only 5″ above the well casing. Now you see it, now you don’t.

For the combination of quality, features, hand/solar ability and moderate price,
there’s nothing out there that can match the Simple Pump.


Hand Pump
Solar-Ready Motors


How Important Is It For You to Be Prepared?


How do you prepare for everything and anything? The answer is simple.

You don’t.

What you do is prepare your most vulnerable areas for shocks to the system. Since your basic needs are food, water and shelter, this is where you begin. Food and shelter are much more complex subjects better left to others. Water, on the other hand, is surprisingly simple.

If you live in a rural area like we do, it’s highly likely you’ve experienced brownouts or blackouts just about every winter. While it’s easy to limp through a power outage of a few hours, things can get very difficult very quickly if the blackout lasts more than half a day, particularly if the temperatures have plunged and the snow is blowing. While trying to stay safe and warm is your first priority, soon enough your attention will turn to water once the toilets have been flushed, therefore no longer usable, and any water on hand is nearly gone.

So what are you going to do?

GRID GETS LESS RELIABLE reports what we found when we set out to see if power distribution over the U.S. and Canada is becoming less reliable. Looking only at preventable failures — that is, not due to natural disasters — we found amazing agreement. The grid has become less reliable over the last 15 years. And, while there is much more attention focused on the problem, a number of issues must be tackled, so reversing this trend will take some time. more details….

Things Are Changing describes a fundamental change in how hydrologists’ think about water supplies. Until recently, the planning assumption used for water projects was that rainfall in the last 50 years could be used as a good predictor of future rainfall. This no longer true. more details…

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse” explains that a number of different events, including lightning, can disable any electrical device. Those without printed circuit boards, including Simple Pump’s 105ME/GM Motor Assembly, are more resilient in the face of this risk. more details…

Reliability Is Everything offers a great example illustrating the critical importance of reliable access to water. more details…


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