Quality of Manufacture

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“What materials are Simple Pumps made from?”

The Simple Pump is constructed of durable materials that will not easily wear out. The pump assembly, pump head, pump cylinder, and check valves are all high quality lead-free stainless steel. The pump rods are aerospace-quality fiberglass with fused stainless steel ends. This means all metal parts in contact with your fresh water are lead-free stainless steel. Finally the drop pipe is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Schedule 120 and the pump’s lever handle assembly is solid, aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum.

“What parts will wear out?”

There are working u-cup seals at various points in the pump assembly. These are made of a durable rubber products referred to as “Buna-N” and “Urethane”. One spare seal kit comes with the pump. If ever needed, replacement u-cup seals can be purchased directly from Simple Pump. If you water is of reasonable quality, these seals should last for many years. Unusually gritty water can shorten their life.

“Is there any lead in the Simple Pump?”

The pump assembly and its component parts are manufactured from lead-free materials and are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant. Simple Pump components are also in compliance with the even more stringent California proposition 65 requirements.


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