Connecting the Simple Pump

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This is How You Can Use Simple Pump™ in Your Farm, Home, Yard and Garden


No Pressurization of Water

The Simple Pump can, of course, simply pump water from the well head or through a hose connection to any other location around your property. You can pump water directly into a bucket and haul it anywhere you want. Or pump water via a hose into a non-pressurized holding tank. It all depends upon where you want the water to be delivered. It will even pump water uphill if needed.

Pressurized Water Delivered Directly Into Your Home

The Simple Pump™ hand pump, as well as our various motorized pumps, can all produce more than enough pressure to pump water directly into your home’s indoor plumbing system. As far as we know, Simple Pump is the only hand pump that can pump water from deep wells AND fill your home’s pressure tank, giving you full use of all your taps, toilets and fixtures.

Aside from the standard pump system, one extra item is needed. Called the “CV-1 Check valve with pressure gauge“, it consists of a one way check valve and a pressure gauge, and is most often connected directly to the pump head. The check valve allows water to be pumped into a pressure tank without that pressure pushing back on the pump during the back stroke, similar to how you squeeze shut the end of the balloon after blowing into it while you take another breath.

The pressure gauge allows you to monitor how much pressure is building up inside your home’s pressure tank as you pump water into it. This helps prevent you from over pressurizing your system and it informs you when you can stop pumping. Most home pressure tanks are pumped to 50-60 pounds per square inch (psi). You may, or may not, reach that pressure using the Simple Pump™. What you want is water at your taps, even if the pressure is slightly lower than ‘normal‘. It’s either that or the bucket.

The connection to your home’s pressurized plumbing system can be made in a variety of ways

• Connect Simple Pump™ Directly to Your Pressure Tank

The vast majority of homes with wells have a pressure tank, which is a routine component of your household plumbing system. Many irrigation systems also use pressure tanks. These pressure tanks almost always have a faucet near the bottom, which is most often used to drain the tank.

If you are connecting Simple Pump™ directly  to your home’s water system, we strongly advise you to use a drinking water compatible hose or pipe. These are not the common garden hoses found in nearly every general store. Drinking water compatible hoses are most often white or blue and can usually be found in the RV or boating section. Click here for an example of the proper hose to use.

• Connect to an Outside Faucet

Sometimes it is more convenient to connect your Simple Pump™ via a drinking water compatible hose or pipe to an outside faucet, and from there into your home’s plumbing system. However, this will only work if your house (or the outside faucet) is 25 years old or older. Modern building codes require homes to use an anti siphon outside faucet that specifically prevents water from entering the house. Some of our clients have installed an older faucet precisely to allow them to directly connect their home to the Simple Pump.

• Connect to a Yard or Garden Hydrant

A yard or garden hydrant is an outside freeze proof faucet often located in your garden or yard that is connected directly to your home’s plumbing system. Yard/garden hydrants are designed so that water can also be pumped into the hydrant and on to your home’s water system. Simply connect the drinking water compatible hose or pipe you previously purchased to your Simple Pump and your yard/garden hydrant and start pumping away.

• You Can Use Our Customized Pitless Adapter

A Simple Pump™ customized pitless adapter routes the pumped water through the side of the well casing under ground (rather than up through the pump head) and on towards its destination, usually your home’s pressure tank. Your home’s submersible pump may already use a standard pitless adapter to prevent frozen pipes during the winter.

Regardless, the Simple Pump water discharge can be routed through our specially engineered and machined pitless adapter and joined with your existing underground pipe using simple one way check valves. Assuming you wish to purchase the Simple Pump™, if you have not installed your submersible pump yet or you plan to replace or upgrade your submersible pump now, we advise you to contact us to discuss ways to save time and money integrating both systems.

Pumping into Another Pressurized System

Some clients wish to use the Simple Pump™ to supply their pressurized irrigation system. The principals are exactly the same as feeding water into your home. Contact us to discuss the specifics.

Pumping Up a Hill

Any vertical rise of water requires lifting force, also known as pressure. So after pumping the water 150 feet up and out of the well, pumping the water another 50 feet uphill is the same as pumping from 200 feet down. All you need is the CV-1 Check valve, just like when you’re pumping water into your home’s pressure tank.

With a Simple Pump, it’s easy to get the water you need, inside and outside, with or without power.

Read more about pumping into a pressurized system.

Please click here for a Simple Pump™ quote based upon your specific well information.

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