Are You Prepared?

stormy sky


Well Pumps Run On Electricity. No Power Means No Water.

Electricity stops working. It’s just a fact of life, regardless of whether it due to violent storms, downed power lines, high winds, hurricanes or tornadoes. Having access to water becomes a matter of safety and survival, not just merely convenience, when prolonged severe weather conditions arrive.

In addition, there is little doubt we live in very uncertain times. With the growing prospect of Geo-political unrest, potential nationwide (global) shortages, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) large solar flares and even rationed electricity caused by a decaying electrical distribution grid, the possibility for interruption of our regular electrical service seems to increase daily. A growing number of people are not taking these matter lightly. How about you?

We purchase insurance to protect us from all manner of risks and accidents. But even then, we depend on an insurance company to perform precisely when we need them the most. This is called third-party dependency and is the Achilles heel of any preparedness plan. Why gamble with our family’s most basic need, a steady and reliable supply of fresh water, when we can eliminate third-party dependency and know we can control access to our water supply under any circumstances?

Simple Pump provides a reliable alternative and keeps fresh water flowing from the faucets regardless of the situation.


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