Simple Pump Overview

An Overview by the President of the Simple Pump™ Company


The Simple Pump™ Company manufactures potable drinking water pumps based on a basic design used since the 1850’s, now having been updated with precision machining and the highest quality materials of construction.

Two sizes of pump cylinders are offered: a 3GPM model and a 5GPM model. Both utilize a positive displacement, self-priming, progressive lift sucker rod pump designed with a stainless steel pump cylinder body and a machined PVC piston and stainless steel piston rod.  Drop pipes are 1″ schedule 120 PVC and the sucker rods are lightweight 20,000lb. (tensile strength) fiberglass with fused stainless steel ends.

The Simple Pump™ is Safe Drinking Water Act compliant. All contact parts are approved for use with drinking water. The pump is freeze-proof by way of a weep hole drilled in the top drop pipe at 48 inches below the top fitting which allows the water to drain back to below the frost line when not in use.

Simple Pumps are offered in three power input configurations:

  • Lever-arm configuration (manual powered)
  • Motorized configuration (solar or battery-powered)
  • ADA-compliant crank input configuration (USDA-FS model – ADA100)

The Simple Pump has very few points of wear – at the u-cup seals on the piston and at the rod seal in the pump head, at the rod guides in the drop pipe (one rod guide per 9′ section), and at the pivot points of the handle. The u-cup seals and rod guides sell for $5.00 each and last for many years before replacement.

All Simple Pump™ prices are F.O.B.- Gardnerville, Nevada.
Pumps are shipped by FedEx Ground in the lower 48 states. Other shipping is used as appropriate, worldwide.

A quote for your well can be obtained by filling out the quote query form.

Gary Wittig
Simple PUMP Company

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