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So how is the water actually delivered?

Into a Non Pressurized System

The Simple Pump™ will deliver water to the well head outlet or through a hose connection to any other location on your property. You can pump water directly into a bucket or use our hose nozzle and your drinking water hose to pump water into a non-pressurized tank or anywhere you want.

Pressurized Water Delivery Directly Into Your Home

Our hand operated pump, as well as our motorized pump, can both generate more than enough pressure to pump water into your indoor plumbing. Simple Pump is the only hand pump that can fill your home’s pressurized water tank from a deep well which gives you full use of all your taps, toilets and plumbing fixtures.

To do so you need one extra item, our “CV-1 Check valve with pressure gauge“. This assembly can be placed on the Simple Pump™ itself or any other convenient location between the pump and the point of delivery. The one-way check valve allows you to pump into pressure while preventing the back pressure from pushing the hand lever back on the release half of each pumping cycle.


The Connection to Your Home’s Pressure Tank Can Be Completed in a Variety of Ways.

Directly into Your Pressure Water Tank

The pressurized water holding tank can be part of your household plumbing or part of an irrigation system. Most pressure tanks have a faucet near the bottom, which is normally used to drain the tank. Using our pressure gauge/check value assembly to prevent pressure kickback, you can pump INTO that faucet to fill the pressure tank. For your home’s fresh water system, it is strongly advised you use a drinking water compatible hose or pipe.

Pump Water Into an Outside Faucet

You may connect a drinking water compatible hose (or pipe) from the Simple Pump™ to an outside water faucet that exits directly from your home. This works only if your house is 25 years or older. By building code, houses built more recently do not have a gate valve that allows water to be introduced from the outside. These faucets are sometimes called anti siphon faucets. Several of our customers installed a gate value outside faucet for the express purpose of hooking their Simple Pump™ into their plumbing system when needed.

Use Your Yard/Garden Hydrant

A yard/garden hydrant is a different type of outside faucet connected to your household plumbing via an underground pipe and is usually located in the yard or garden. Unlike outside faucets, yard hydrants are designed so that water can be pumped into the hydrant. Therefore they can be used to direct Simple Pump™ water into your home’s pressure tank. Just connect a drinking water compatible hose or pipe from the Simple Pump™ to the yard hydrant and start pumping away. It’s that simple.

If for some reason you don’t already have a pressure tank, one may be installed simply and fairly quickly by your plumber. It’s a definite plus to have a pressurized water supply. You may also use an elevated gravity-feed tank to apply pressure to your water system.

Using a Pitless Adapter

If you wish to use a pitless adapter, a 6″ or larger well casing is usually required. By way of the pitless adapter, the submersible pump discharge pipe comes out through the side of your well casing and runs underground into your home. A pitless adapter is often used when winter freezing is an issue. Water from the Simple Pump™ can be routed through our own specially engineered pitless adapter and joined with your existing underground pipe using additional one way check valves and fittings.

This means if the submersible pump ever goes down for any reason, including a power outage, all you need to do is walk outside and start pumping your Simple Pump™. The water is routed directly to your pressure tank, and from there to all your taps, toilets and plumbing fixtures. No hoses to mess with.

If your submersible pump hasn’t been installed yet, or you are planning to replace it now, and you know you want to buy a Simple Pump, discuss the situation with us and we’ll show you how to minimize the cost of installation.

Other Pressurized Systems

You may have a pressurized irrigation system for your lawn, garden or even farm animals. Pumping into such a system works the same way and is as easy as pumping water into your pressurized house system.

Pumping Uphill

Whether you are pumping water into a pressure tank, or just ‘uphill’ to a holding tank, this is considered “pumping into pressure”. For example, the well might be located at the bottom of a hill and the house is 45 feet higher at the top. Again, all you need is the CV-1 check valve.

With a Simple Pump it’s easy to get the water you need, inside and outside, with or without power.

Read more about pumping into a pressurized system.

To request a Simple Pump™ quote customized to fit your water situation, please click here.

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