Comparison and Pricing Considerations

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Some Factors to Consider When Comparing Other Hand Pumps to the Simple Pump™

When comparing the price of Simple Pump™ to other competitor’s pumps, here are some factors you should consider.

  • The capability to pump water directly into your home’s pressure tank, and from there to all your taps, toilets and tubs/showers.
  • The very low effort needed to pump water using the Simple Pump. Do the others actually tell you how much effort is needed to use their pump?
  • Simple Pump’s aerospace quality components and sub-assemblies. How are the other pumps constructed?
  • The materials used when manufacturing the pump. Simple Pump™ utilizes quality lead-free stainless steel, which won’t rust, and food-grade PVC, which won’t poison you.
  • Length of Warranty (Limited lifetime for Simple Pump™) How long do the other companies stand behind their pumps? And what components do they actually warranty?
  • How often must maintenance be conducted and what is the cost? Simple Pump™ clients report they need a $25 seal replacement kit every three to ten years depending upon usage and the quality of the water.
  • The principal manufacturing process used to make their pumps. Simple Pump uses computer numerical control (CNC) machined for ultra-precise manufacture. This gives you long life, high efficiency and the ability to easily replace a part, add a motor and more.

We have no doubt the other pumps you inspect will not be computer numerical control (CNC) machined. This means their components and sub-assemblies will not fit as well, will weigh much more and be far bulkier. In turn this will create more wear and tear, be much more difficult to install and service, will experience a shortened overall lifespan and not be able to pump water from as deep compared to Simple Pump’s 325 feet. (Click here for more info.)

An added benefit to selecting the Simple Pump™ is it’s ability to fit inside more wells than any other hand operated pump. Particularly when dealing with well casings of 4 inches in diameter, most other hand pumps will not fit in the well casing alongside the existing submersible pump. Because of this, sometimes a second well has to be dug just to install a backup pump! This is not the case with the Simple Pump™, which needs just 1 and 3/4 inches of clearance in order to share the well casing with a submersible pump. No equal competitor can match that.

All these benefits plus Simple Pump™ costs significantly less than competitors considered ‘similar’ to us.

Carefully consider the total cost of ownership over the pump’s expected lifetime.

The initial cost to purchase your hand pump is only part of the overall equation. As well, the cost of maintenance/replacement parts is also just a portion of the total cost of ownership. Consider for a moment the time and effort involved if you must pull the entire pump assembly, including all drop pipes, out of the casing to perform pump seal replacement every few years. Now consider doing so in the middle of winter. Can you attach a price to that inconvenience?

The overall high quality of the Simple Pump, quality that is both self evident upon examination and amply demonstrated in practice by way of thousands of pumps in continuous service, assures you of years, decades even, of reliable performance coupled with peace of mind your pump will perform when needed under all conditions and circumstances.

Simple Pump offers an overall balance of economy and quality no other hand pump can match.


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