Simple Pump™ Solar System – The Details

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The Simple Pump™ Solar System = The Base Simple Pump + Integrated Motor/Drive/Control Unit + Solar Panel(s) and Stand.

The Simple Pump Solar Pump System showing non-pressurized storeage tank in the background.

The Simple Pump™ (SP) integrated solar system can be used with your previously purchased base SP hand pump, a significant option not available with any other hand pump on the market. Or the base Simple Pump™ can be purchased at the same time as the other solar system components.

Incredibly, even after integrating the SP with the other solar components, the ability to pump water by hand using either the 24″ or 36″ handle remains. The time needed to switch from solar-powered to hand operated is less than 15 minutes and well within the scope of the average DIY layman. The switch back to solar when the rest of the system is once again operational can be accomplished just as quickly.

Some Practical Limits to the System

There is a limit of 225 feet of total head at 45GPH (gallons per hour) with the 100CA 9 (3 gpm) pump cylinder.
With the 125CA (5 gpm) pump cylinder the upper limit is 200 feet of total head at 75GPH.

The entire solar system consists of:


Simple Pump's integrated motor/controller/timer unit. Panel open.1/4HP, 24VDC, 60RPM, high torque Gear Motor
There is an estimated 14,000 run hours (8 hours a day for 7 years) before brush maintenance is required and a one-year warranty is provided by RAE Corporation.

Linear Bearing Link Drive
Designed to last, the unit is mounted to a 1/2” thick T6061 aluminum plate, connected directly to the pump head, while the drive link with two roller bearings between the yoke and pump attaches to a 3/4” stainless shaft extension and is guided by two Pacific Bearing Teflon linear guides.

Rocker on/off switch
Rated to NSF pressure wash standards and is weather resistant. Accessible on the outside of the cabinet.

Lockable cabinet
20 gauge stainless steel, with gasketed, removable door and cooling vents. Stainless steel bread board for mounted electronic components. Weather proof.

Drive enclosure
20 gauge stainless steel, protecting from pinch points.

Stainless Steel fasteners
Used throughout.

Rod extension
3/4” x 13” stainless pump rod extension or 36″ rod extension (depending on your configuration)
For quick changeover from hand pump to solar driven configuration.


Morningstar 24VDC controller
With – self testing features, digital meter with constant readout, four-stage charging for increased battery capacity and life, electronic protection, manual disconnect button, an estimated fifteen-year service life, and an Industry leading five-year warranty.

Cole Hersee 24VDC heavy duty solenoid
To carry motor loads keeping voltage fluctuations away from control circuits.

German made, DIEHL, 24VDC fully programmable timer
Giving operator eight start/stop times per day, seven days a week if desired.

System protection
– 15 amp motor protection circuit built into Morningstar Charge Controller
– 5 amp ATO/ATC prong style fuse to protect control circuits


Side view of the complete Simple Pump Solar Pump System.Solar Panels
260 watt, 24VDC, 60 cell configuration, poly-silicon type, nominal 39” x 60”, solar module with tempered, easy to clean glass. 12-year workmanship warranty. 25-year power delivery warranty.

Mounting Hardware
General Specialties extruded aluminum hardware for one-module or two module configurations.

Galvanized mounting pole
In 3” diameter for one-module or 4” diameter for two modules.

MC-4 Connectors and cable
Industry Standard, weatherproof. 10 foot lengths included.
Ideally, the PV panels should be close to the well head. Longer cables can be made to your specs.

Battery box
For two GR-27 or GR-31, 100AH, deep cycle batteries. End-to-end design strong enough to hold two 12VDC batteries and hang from the mounting pole underneath the solar panel. Made from Baltic 7-ply plywood then painted with outdoor, white, epoxy paint, includes large u-bolt, fasteners and plate for inside of the box to disperse the load.

Items To Be Purchased Locally

Batteries: Two GR-27 or GR-31, 100AH, deep-cycle batteries, with clamp style (positive and negative) posts and threaded (positive and negative) posts. AGM or lead acid. Dimensions 13″(l) x 7″(w) x 10″(h).
Float (or other) Switch
One we recommend is this float switch with 10′ cable. Available on Amazon for under thirty dollars including shipping. Two year warranty. Very easy to install. Uses a Honeywell Micro switch rated for 100,000 operations.
Sakrete concrete: To mount the solar module pole.
Possibly a storage tank, if not already owned.
Possibly a transfer pump to take water from an ambient tank to pressure. (See recommended configuration.)

Recommended Configuration for Motor use.
Photos of a solar installation.


Whether you are considering a hand pump, motor or the solar pump system, just send us your specs through our Get-A-Quote form. We’ll send you a quote, usually within one or two business days.

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