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With Simple Pump™, It’s Actually Quite Easy Hand-Pumping Water Into Pressure


It is a popular misconception to think hand-pumping water into pressure is either impossible or very difficult. This may come from the complete inability of old style ‘suction’ pumps (and many new hand pumps as well) to do so. Many people come to us expecting at best to be able to fill a bucket with water.

You don’t have to settle for that in the least!

In fact, you should settle for nothing less than full use of your home’s plumbing system when using a hand pump. Simple Pump™ will pump water directly into your indoor household plumbing, an irrigation system or any pressurized reserve tank you need to fill. Of course, our motorized pump can easily accomplish this as well.

The problem is not with Simple Pump™, but with just about every other hand pump on the market. Because other hand pumps are bulkier, heavier and far less efficient, they require much greater effort to pump water up from moderate levels, let alone from deep wells. To then attempt to pump that water into a home’s 40-50 psi water system is darn near impossible or extremely difficult without employing substantial effort and time. Several of our customers have replaced a competitor’s fully functioning pump with the Simple Pump™ precisely because of our low effort and high efficiency.


What Are the Principal Advantages of Simple Pump™?

  1. Instead of using cast metal components like our competitors do (which are weaker) Simple Pump™ uses aerospace quality lead-free stainless steel and aluminum which is then computer numerical control (CNC) machined to extremely tight tolerances. As a customer once said, “The parts look like they belong in an Indy car engine.” The precision manufacturing process used by Simple Pump™ makes for a highly efficient pump. This in turn affords maximum conversion of your physical work pumping the hand lever into moving water up from great depths and then into pressure. And most important, with much less effort on your part.
  2. Because we use aircraft grade stainless steel and aluminum, our cylinder pump and pump head components are very light but extremely strong. Light weight means easier to pump while strong means long lasting and very durable. Similar design and manufacturing principals underpin today’s modern high quality cars. They are faster, stronger, lighter and more efficient than comparable cars from 30 years ago.


OK, So How Easy Is Simple Pump™ to Use?

Let us assume an average Simple Pump™ system. For example, pumping water from a static water level of 100 feet plus pumping that water into your home’s pressure tank at 50 psi. Using the Simple Pump™, you will need only 12lbs of pressure on the handle lever. For most people this is very easy pumping. So easy, in fact, a child could do it.

Now let’s look at a deep well, say 300 feet in depth. Under the same circumstances, meaning pumping into your home’s pressure tank at 50 psi, the total required effort would be 20lbs of force applied to the handle.

Considering the amount of water pumped, along with the vertical distance traveled, these numbers are SIGNIFICANTLY less than every other hand pump on the market. Remember, most other hand pumps can’t even pump water into your home’s pressure tank.


And Best of All…..Simple Pump™ is Inexpensive as Well! (pun intended)

Feature for feature, there is no comparable hand pump on the market. And the closest competitor’s pump is many hundreds of dollars more expensive than Simple Pump™ even though it is less of a hand pump. We urge you to compare not just price, but features and versatility. Remember, Simple Pump can be upgraded at any time to motorized operation with a solar powered option. No other pump offers this flexibility. None.

We invite you, with no obligation, to discover what pump system we would recommend and how much your investment would be.

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