Miscellaneous Questions

“Could you please send me a catalog.”

We actually don’t have a paper or PDF catalogue because every situation and sale is uniquely different. Variables include whether it is to be hand-operated, motorized, solar, possible desire to motorize in the future, well depth, water depth, and recovery rate. This makes the configuration and price of every system different. The only way we can create a correct quote for your well is to first gather information from you, then prepare a customized system recommendation with an accurate quote.

Please explore the information in this website, then start the process by visiting our “Get A Quote” page. You give us the information we need and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote (usually within one or two business days). Or, if you prefer to discuss things more completely, please email or phone.

“Assuming I don’t use the pump regularly and want it only for power failures – how long will it hold a prime?”

Potentially for many months and even, possibly for a year on more — if your water does not have suspended solids. If you do have suspended solids, the particles may get between the ball valve and its seat. Even thought they may be very small, there is then a small gap for water to slowly drain down. The length of time for holding prime will then be unpredictable and could be quite short.

“I’d like to cut my own PVC piping. Can I do that?”

First of all, in every situation we have encountered, when a customer finds out the PVC pipe plays a significant role in the operation of the pump, they have changed their mind and just bought the drop pipe from Blue Ridge Pumps.

There are several factors to consider about piping:

First – if you were to cut the piping, the Simple Pump warranty WOULD NO LONGER APPLY since Simple Pump cannot warranty a mechanism that is dependent on the quality of your cutting and assembly. So the warranty is gone.

How much savings is actually possible? The answer is “Not much“. The actual drop pipe is not JUST piping in the sense of a hollow tube that carries water. The pipe contains a sucker rod mechanism to lift the water up to the pump head. Therefore the PVC pipe itself is less than a third of the cost of the whole “drop pipe kit”. Depending on your depth, you are probably looking at a total price for the PVC PIPING itself of around $100 – $200. So you’re really isn’t a lot of money to try save. It’s just not worth it to make your own pipe.

You are correct that shipping PVC is expensive. However, the expense is not so much about weight, but about shipping 9-foot lengths. Removing the PVC pipe from the shipment does nothing to address this shipping cost since the 9-foot-long sucker rods must still be shipped. Our sucker rods are fiberglass. It took considerable effort and time to figure out how to reliably affix the stainless steel ends. There is nothing comparable available anywhere except from us.

Will you even be able to obtain Schedule 120 piping and Schedule 120 fittings? It’s actually unlikely that your local hardware store, Loews or Home Depot will have Schedule 120 either in stock or available by the piece. The local well driller’s supply outlet may have the required drop pipe and fittings, but even if they do it’s doubtful they will sell it to you at other than full retail price. So where is your price savings?

Then you have to cut the pipes very precisely and put the pipes and fittings together.

The reality is that there are little or no savings to be had while you expose yourself to risk and responsibility. We recommend you let us send you a complete quote and then make your decision.

“Can I detach the pump when I’m away?”

Yes you can, but it’s not recommended. It sounds like your concern is security. You can easily make the pump unobtrusive and even more resistant to any possible vandalism. As well, you can easily slide the pump head down to the cap and remove the lever, leaving just a few inches of the pump above the cap. Let’s call that the down-periscope position.

Anyone attempting to damage the pump would have to use tools or weapons strong enough to apply significant force….enough to bend the very end of a strong stainless steel rod.

“Will you give me a lower price that a dealer in ________ ?”

Each Simple Pump dealer works within a specific market segment and performs a valuable service for each of their customers. Each dealer works to find and educate prospective customers and it isn’t fair for one dealer to undercut another….or for the manufacturer to undercut the dealers. Because of our commitment to our customers and other dealers, we will not discount below the retail price. Nor does any other dealer or the manufacturer discount below retail price.

“Can I store the pump long-term until I need it?”

We don’t advise it, but you can. However, if there is some kind of large-scale problem you do not want to be installing the pump for the first time and discovering them at that time. Perhaps there is something you don’t understand about the installation or a modification of your existing well or pump is needed. Make sure there are no problems by installing the pump now. If there are problems, you can phone us if you need any assistance. Once installed and functioning properly, you can uninstall the Simple Pump and put it away for storage if you like. Or leave it where it is.

“I’m also considering Company X.”

Here are some reasons why we suggest Simple Pump is the better pump.

First of all Simple Pumps are far more reliable because they are CNC-machined. This machining, directed by computer instructions, ensures every stainless steel piece is identical to the last. Superb and consistent fit makes for far less wear and much longer life.

The structure of a Simple Pump pump cylinder and drop pipe is quite narrow — 1.75 inches at its widest — yet strong. The other pump simply cannot be installed along with a submersible in a majority of existing wells. You would have to drill a second well in order to use it as back-up!

Our pump requires much less human effort to pump the water due to a much lighter mechanism and more precision construction. For example, the Simple Pump sucker rods, which transmit the pump action from the lever arm down to the pump cylinder at the bottom, are made out of super-light fiberglass. Significantly lighter weight also makes installation much easier.

No other lever-arm pump manufacturer offers the option of converting to a 12VDC Motor. The DC motor fits precisely the same way on every Simple Pump, making installation so easy most homeowners install the motor upgrade themselves. So if you ever wanted to convert to solar, the addition of the Simple Pump motor takes literally a few minutes.
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