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Here’s some of the company the Simple Pump keeps.

Canadarm2 Mobile Base System

Open chest surgery robotic arm
Torso and suit materials for NEWT deep-sea diving suit
Pedestal for radar mast: US Navy submarines

CNC Means Precision Machined Components

Those who design and manufacture metal component parts know the most precise and highest quality machining process is produced by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. At this point in the ever onward march of technology, nothing is superior to CNC, not casting the metal part in a mold nor crafting the part by hand.  Because computers operate the precision machine tools directly based upon the exact same instructions, each component part produced is exactly like the previous one and the next one. This is particularly important when it comes to parts created at different times (years apart) and at different manufacturing sites.

The only way to consistently manufacture a high quality hand pump such as the Simple Pump™ is to utilize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. Nothing else comes close, so nothing else is employed. What this means to you is simple. We are confident in our ability to sell you a replacement part, a DC motor, or any other component we create and know without a doubt it will fit your existing Simple Pump™, even it you purchased it ten years earlier.

In addition, because of the extremely high design and manufacturing standards we hold ourselves to, we both know you will enjoy years, even decades, of high performance from your pump and any systemic complements we produce. Now that is peace of mind you can count on, peace of mind no other hand operated pump on the market can match.

Quality Materials Really Do Matter

During the development of the Simple Pump, it would have been silly of us to devote so much time to its design and then skimp on manufacture and materials. Rather than assume run-of-the-mill metals would be good enough to do the job, we worked closely with various manufacturers and machine shops to research exactly what were the best materials to use and where they should be used. The results speak louder than any of our words could.

Instead of a lump of metal made bigger than needed to help offset the lack of engineering and machining, we use high quality aerospace materials to provide great strength rather than great bulk. Our obsessive attention to detail, along with innovative design and engineering, all combined with superior craftsmanship and aerospace materials, form the fundamental basis upon which each Simple Pump is created. All you need do is hold one of our component pieces in your hand to fully grasp this reality. You know quality when you see and feel it.

Simple Pump™ is Safe Drinking Water Act Compliant.

Simply put, any Simple Pump™ metal component that comes in contact with your water is constructed from our lead free stainless steel. The last thing you should be thinking about when using any hand pump is if the pump is safe for your water. Not all hand pumps are Safe Drinking Water Act Compliant.

Many modern well caps are now made from plastic in order to save money. Not ours. In fact, all of our well caps are custom made from high quality aircraft-grade aluminum, then machined from a billet rather that the more pedestrian (read less expensive and not as strong) casting process.

Our drop pipes are constructed from food-grade, schedule 120 PVC. You can literally eat off our drop pipes if you wanted to. This is not the cheapest way to go, but most certainly the safest. The mechanical ‘sucker‘ rods placed inside the drop pipes are manufactured with high tensile fiberglass and stainless steel connecting joints. This provides the perfect combination of light weight and high strength. In fact, this is how we designed the entire Simple Pump™ assembly.

Precisely because of its high quality materials, innovative design and computer controlled machining, the Simple Pump leads the industry in every aspect of hand pump construction. Because Simple Pump™ is smaller, yet stronger than any other hand pump in its class, it can be used to a much greater depth and to pump into pressure.

Simple Pump™ is simply outstanding.


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